Find the best national and international business partners who can provide a guaranteed quality supply of Machines, Tools, Equipment and Accessories under the most competitive conditions, providing a timely and good service to its customers.


Become a reference importer and distributor in the national market of Machines, Tools, Equipment and Accessories, consecutively raising their average levels of customer service.


In 1998 the company became a private limited company and grew to become a country-wide machine and tool business that exports to some of the most important Portuguese-speaking African countries – PALOP.

In 2002, the importing activity of the company intensified, initiating global procurement processes. With the launch of the PowerED brand in 2003, EUROED is launching a private label creation project that currently has 4 private labels. Also during this period, EUROED creates its own capacity in the field of Technical Assistance, setting up a workshop that currently has 6 permanent maintenance technicians.

The year 2010 saw the installation of a new warehouse to support the import activities with an area of ​​1000m2, which would be expanded in 2013, to reach the current 2800m2. In 2014, EUROED reaches a maturity position in the import and distribution business that puts it on a rising path in its area of ​​activity.

In recent years we have been expanding our warehousing facilities to 16000m2 and allowing us to quickly supply all types of equipment for the industry.

You can currently find our products and the brands we represent in over 300 distributors in Portugal.